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FREE Removals Checklist

We’ve put together a fantastic removals checklist which you can print off and fill out in the run-up to your move date. The PDF includes the following items in summary, as well as many other things you might have forgotten about:

Week 4

  • Clear loft and garage.
  • Think about where your furniture will fit in your new home. Take measurements if necessary.
  • Arrange for friends and family to help with children or pets on moving day.

Week 3

  • If you are packing yourself, start a bit at a time.
  • Notify broadband / telephone / cable and satellite providers. (This will help avoid re-connection delays as some companies need three weeks notice)
  • Inform Utilities and Council Tax of your move date.
  • Inform Doctor / Dentist / Hospital / School of change of address.

Week 2

  • Arrange to redirect your mail with the Post Office.
  • Unwanted items to recycling centre or charity shops.
  • Notify Change of address to: Bank, Credit Cards, Savings, Insurance, TV LicenceDriving LicenceVehicle Registration.
  • Notify change of address to all friends and family. Try texting and emailing to save time.
  • Discuss removal parking with neighbours at both old and new addresses.

Moving Week

  • Label up all keys for new owners.
  • Cancel milk and newspapers.
  • Confirm removal vehicle parking at both old and new addresses.
  • Confirm house insurance is in place for new house.
  • Check that the dishwasher and washing machine can be disconnected.

Moving Day

  • Make up a catering pack with a kettle.
  • Keep valuable items and important documents in a place where they can’t be packed away.
  • Take final meter readings for gas, electricity and water.
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